San Diego County’s unemployment rate drops slightly


The unemployment rate in San Diego County dropped to 10.6 percent in February, down from 11.1 percent the previous month, the California Employment Development Department reported Friday.

The unemployment rate in San Diego County was 8.7 percent in February of last year, according to the EDD.

California’s unemployment rate was unchanged at 12.5 percent in February, according to the EDD. The national unemployment rate also held steady at 9.7 percent last month.

Between January and February, the San Diego region gained about 900 jobs, but has shed 44,700 over the past year, according to the EDD.

In a statement, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said “far too many Californians remain unemployed.”

Schwarzenegger touted homebuyer tax credits and green tech sales tax exemption legislation he signed recently as efforts the state is taking to stimulate the economy and create jobs.

“However, more must be done and I encourage the Legislature to keep up the good work and pass the additional elements of my California jobs initiative so we can get people off the unemployment rolls and into the workforce,” he said.