San Diego construction news: remodeling industry set for growth this season

New remodeling projects allow homeowners to upgrade their property for long-term use.
New remodeling projects allow homeowners to upgrade their property for long-term use.

By Scott Murfey

The remodeling business is set to experience solid growth in the months ahead, according to research conducted by the

National Association for the Remodeling Industry

(NARI). Based on recent polling numbers, 26% of homeowners plan to remain in their homes for another 16-20 years, while 23% expect to remain for at least 6-10 years. These numbers suggest a shift in focus for the

remodeling industry

, as homeowners turn their attention from upgrades designed to increase property value alone to more specific improvements for their daily use. Fueled by a combination of decreased property values and increased desire for custom living arrangements, the latest remodeling trends are all about personalization. With the help of a talented contractor, homeowners don’t need to buy their dream homes; instead, they can simply build them.

When it comes to remodeling options for long-term homeowners, the sky truly is the limit. NARI reports that, beyond conventional resale upgrades like new trim or refreshed kitchen cabinetry, contemporary custom projects run the gamut and include anything from in-home spas to yoga and meditation rooms, motorcycle garages to wine cellars, built-in teppanyaki grills to “smart” kitchens and living spaces equipped with the latest digital and voice-activated technology. In addition, as noted in a previous column, many families are opting to modify their homes to accommodate aging relatives – a critical step when it comes to optimizing lifestyle conditions for the so-called “Sandwich Generation.”

In many ways, custom remodeling projects are the ideal investment: they ensure comfortable, personalized living spaces for the present (and future) while still adding value to your property. The only trick to pulling off the perfect remodel is hiring the right contractor to do the job – and to choose the best San Diego construction company to turn your vision into a brick and mortar reality.

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