San Diego construction companies prepare for new statewide energy standards


By Scott Murfey

According to a recent report from the

Sacramento Business Journal

, California is set to impose new energy standards on construction projects beginning in 2014. The regulations will boost efficiency requirements by 25%, making the state’s energy-saving standards the strictest in the country. In light of these changes,

San Diego construction companies

must begin preparing now for added building costs – approximately $2,290 per home, according to data from the California Energy Commission. However, the investment will pay off handsomely in the form of impressive energy and cash savings for the long haul.

With the necessity for greater energy savings on the rise and a widespread desire among homeowners to cut back on utility costs, the state’s new regulations signal an important step forward in sustainable building. Indeed, as Bob Raymer of the California Building Industry Association tells the Journal, when it comes to energy efficiency and conservation, “if this were a mile race, we just lapped the rest of the country.” The California Energy Commission reports that the energy upgrades will yield $6,200 in energy savings over a 30-year period. And in addition to monetary savings, there are the intangible benefits of more efficient buildings to consider as well – including longer-lasting materials, greater temperature control and a reduced need for resource-sapping air conditioning and heating systems.

LED lighting serves as a clear example of this phenomenon. While the initial upfront cost of LED lights is higher than that of conventional bulbs, the products last fifty times longer than their less-efficient counterparts. They also produce less heat while in use; and by reducing added heat with the home, the LED lights subsequently help lessen demand for indoor cooling, making the entire structure more energy efficient overall.

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Murfey Construction

, we pride ourselves on promoting the latest energy-saving technologies and efficiency systems. Our skilled contractors are well versed in the benefits of LED lighting, solar power and other sustainable innovations, and this experience ensures a smooth transition into California’s next generation of energy regulations. Whether you are planning on building a new home or looking to upgrade your current residence for long-lasting savings, our

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