San Diego City Council selects Hueso as president

The San Diego City Council on Monday unanimously selected Councilman Ben Hueso as its president for a second consecutive year.

Hueso was the only member of the City Council nominated.

“It’s been a very difficult year,” Hueso said, alluding to the city’s financial woes amid the national recession.

“It’s (also) been a very successful year, in my opinion, given the enormous challenges that we faced with the landslides, river flooding, fires and everything else,” Hueso added.

Only two people spoke against Hueso’s nomination.

“When Mr. Hueso announced his intention to run for council president a year ago, I felt he was ill-prepared and unqualified,” Phil Hart told the council. “Having watched him very closely this year, unfortunately my biggest concerns have proven to be true.”

Before the vote, council members praised Hueso’s leadership over the past year.

“I’m going to let you know I totally support this president,” Councilman Tony Young said. “I totally support the work he is doing. He will continue to get my support simply because I think he is doing the right thing.”

The City Council president position was created as part of the 2004 transition to a strong-mayor form of government. The council president runs the City Council meetings, appoints committee chairs and members and sets the docket.