Salon safety alert: tips to keep nails healthy and avoid fungus, infection and disease

By Jay S. Berenter, DPM, FACFAS

Even during our current economic crisis, while budgets are tight and many individuals are battling to trim expenses, countless women keep up their visits to the nail salon for manicures and pedicures – either to try a new trend like longer-lasting gel nail lacquer, or to simply enjoy a little pampering amidst an otherwise busy schedule. But despite their appeal and ostensive purpose as a way to keep feet and nails healthy and well-groomed, some salons can be risky: and now, warnings are popping up everywhere from


magazine to

WebMD Health News

, urging patrons to heed the potential dangers of unsanitary spa treatments.

In addition to the many carcinogenic chemicals used in most mainstream nail polishes and polish removers (including toluene, DBP and formaldehyde), some nail salons also perpetuate poor hygienic practices that can lead to bacterial and fungal infections of the nail and cuticles.


magazine offers readers a list of things to look for and consider before receiving treatment in order to ensure high safety and hygiene standards at their favorite salons:
  • Does the salon appear clean?
  • Do nail files and buffers appear dusty or dirty?
  • Are salon products housed in unlabeled or unmarked containers?
  • Do nail technicians store files and other tools in clean containers?
  • Are restrooms maintained and stocked with liquid soap and clean towels?
  • Do technicians use razors on clients’ feet to remove calluses?
  • Are any of the salon’s patrons receiving service while exhibiting signs of nail infections?
In addition to providing a clean space and safe, sanitary tools and products, nail technicians should also possess current licensing documents and ask clients about their own health and hygiene concerns before administering services in order to minimize risk and the spread of harmful bacteria.

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By following these tips and selecting a nail salon with common sense and care, most patrons can avoid the drawbacks of an unsanitary pedicure and keep bacterial and fungal infections at bay. However, for those who do contract a fungal toenail infection (a condition known as onychomycosis), innovative laser therapy is the latest and most efficient option to help kill fungus and restore nail color and texture.

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