Rotel’s New Surround Processor is the Complete Package

With a lot of the home theater companies trying to wow customers with the newest streaming service, 3D surround sound formats, and other fancy new gadgets, it’s nice to see a company like Rotel focus on producing high quality components that are not just a refection of trends, but are the basis for every home theater. This spring they are coming out with the RSP-1582 surround processor. This 7.1-channel surround sound preamplifier/processor can serve as a master control for all your audio and video components.

Audio Features:

  • DACs with six 24-bit/192kHz Woflson WM8740 chips.

  • Four deedicated DACs for the Front Left, Front Right, Center and Subwoofer channels and shared stereo DACs for rear and surround channels.

  • Texas Instruments PCM1804 audio-performance analog-to-digital converter (ADC).

  • Multichannel soundtracks decoded by a TMS320DA808 DSP chip with a 10-channel Parametric Equalization.

  • Digital inputs: 3 optical, 3 coaxial, PC-USB input supporting 24-bit/192-kHz audio.

  • embedded aptX Bluetooth receiver which provides CD quality wireless connectivity.

  • Analog inputs: phono stage, 4 auxilisary, XLR balanced input, 7.1 channel input, 6 conventional stereo analog inputs.

  • Analog pre-outputs are presented on fully balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA connectors with twin subwoofer connections.

  • Volume control levels are in 0.5 dB increments to provide very fine adjustments.

Video Features:

  • 8 HDMI 4K video pass-through inputs that use a Silicon Image Sil9572 2K/4K HDMI transceiver.

  • 2 HDMI 4K video pass-through outputs (one ARC/CEC enabled).

  • Convenient front-panel HSMI input with 4K video pass-through.

  • hi-res-capable USB

Other Features:

  • Front-panel USB input for Apple devices with 2.1 ampre charging capability.

  • Operating software that can update via USB port or network connection.

  • 7 inch TFT display on the font panel for easy interaction with all audio and visual components.

  • RS-232 and IP network interface for control of custom installations.

  • 3 source independent trigger outputs.

  • Connections, IP network interfaces, front-panel navigation and other components were all designed for easy installation.

  • Available in black and silver finishes.

Rotel has come up with the complete package in this surround processor. It’s apparent the engineers have really been working hard to come up with the absolute best audio and video system for home entertainment, and they delivered.
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