Roddenberry team goes diving at LJ Shores

The Comic-Con - or at least a piece of it - made its way to La Jolla Shores Thursday as part of the four-day attraction’s festivities.

The Roddenberry Dive Team, founded by Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry, son of “Star Trek” creator Gene Roddenberry, held a sunrise get-together July 23 at Shores beach along with grad students from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Open to divers and nondivers alike, the event was dedicated to talking about Scripps canyon off La Jolla Shores and the importance of the ocean and its conservation. They called it “Boldly Explore the Underwater Universe at La Jolla Shores (aka Donuts, Diving and Discovery).”

Rod Roddenberry likened ocean exploration to “Star Trek’s” mission to “explore strange worlds.”

Asked about the dive’s purpose, he quipped: “To boldly go where very few have gone before - get off the couch and jump in the water. It’s not just about wearing ‘Star Trek’ wet suits. It’s about incorporating the philosophy where we’re diving into the ocean and learning about the environment.”

Roddenberry was joined by Greg Martin, a dive master and the executive director of his team, who said, “It just made an awful lot of sense to put the two worlds together to explore this strange new world, seek out new life in the ocean.”

Roddenberry said he is proud to carry on his family’s tradition of sci-fi pioneering and excellence. He still very much has a hand in the voyages of the Starship Enterprise on its continuing mission: to seek out new audiences as it explores ever further into cinematic space.

With the latest and 11th “Star Trek” movie still in theaters, Roddenberry said the long-running sci-fi series - which has also spawned five TV series - continues to be a crowd pleaser because it sticks to formula.

“The movie didn’t have a lot of metaphors and subtext like the TV shows,” he said. “It didn’t have a lot of substance, depth. Well, none of the movies really did. It was a roller-coaster ride that stayed true to the canon for the most part, and deviated when it needed to. I’d still say it’s one of the better ones.”

Roddenberry and “Star Trek” are very much a part of the San Diego Comic-Con.

“We have a booth there,” he said. “We’re announcing a new comic book, ‘Days Missing.’ It’s great sci-fi.”

Asked if the Roddenberry Dive Team’s Comic-Con dive will become an annual event, he said, “We’ll probably do something.”

“One thing about divers is they like to get together and talk and have a good time,” Martin said. “We’ve got a good bunch of people who are all excited about being here.”

After the dive, Martin said, they would “spend the rest of the day talking about all things Roddenberry.”

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