Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon Information

The 2008 Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon is set for Sunday, June 1, 2008, at 6:25 a.m. beginning at Balboa Park. There are many streets and freeways that will be closed as a result of the race. The closures will take effect at midnight on the night before the race and, in some cases, remain in effect until 3 p.m. on June 1 when the race finishes at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot.

Please be aware that posted tow away zones and no parking areas will be strictly enforced. It is important for residents to pay close attention to signs that will be posted in their neighborhoods.

SDPD will have special event traffic controllers, patrol officers and motor officers assisting in making sure the event is safe and enjoyable for participants, as well as spectators.

No Parking Allowed on the Following Streets

Sunday, June 1, 2008 from 12:01 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Fir Street, Grape Street - South curbline between 5th and 6th

Kalmia Street, Palm Street - Both sides between 5th and 6th

Hawthorne Street North - curbline between 3rd and 4th

6th Ave. Both sides – Ivy to University

University Ave. - Both sides – 6th to Park Blvd.

Park Blvd. - Both sides – University to Morley Field Dr.

Park Blvd. - West curbline – Zoo Dr. to C St.

Russ Street - Both sides

A Street - Both sides – Park to 9th Ave.

B Street - Both sides – Park to 11th Ave.

C Street - Both sides – Park to 9th Ave.

11th Ave. - Both sides – Market to A St.

E Street - Both sides – 9th Ave. to 11th Ave.

G. Street - Both sides – 9th Ave. to 11th Ave.

10th Ave. - Both sides – Broadway to Park Blvd.

7th Ave. - Both sides – Park Blvd. to J St.

J Street - Both sides – 7th Ave. to 4th Ave.

5th Ave. - Both sides – K St. to Market St.

Market St. - North curbline – 6th Ave. to Harbor Dr.

Broadway - South curbline – Harbor Dr. to State Street

Broadway - North curbline – State Street to 10th Ave.

10th Ave. - Both sides – Broadway to Ash

Island Ave. - North curbline between Park and 13th

Friars Road - North curbline between Colusa and Napa

Napa Street - West curb line – Friars Road to Linda Vista Road

Linda Vista Road - South curbline – Napa to W. Morena

W. Morena Blvd. - West curbline – Sherman St. to Milton St.

Morena Blvd. East - curbline – Napier to Milton

Milton St. - Both sides – Morena Blvd. to Denver St.

Denver St. - Both sides – Milton to Clairemont

N. Mission Bay Dr. - West curbline – Clairemont to Mission Bay Dr.

Grand Ave. - South curbline – Mission Bay to Olney

Quincy St. - Both sides – Grand Ave. to Thomas Ave.

Thomas Ave. - Both sides – Quincy St. to Ladd St.

Ladd St. - Both sides – Thomas Ave. to Oliver Ave.

Oliver Ave. - Both sides – Ladd St. to Olney St.

Olney St. - Both sides – Oliver Ave. to P.B. Drive

P.B. Drive - Both sides – Olney St. to P.B. Drive

Crown Point Dr. - Both sides PB Drive to Morrell Street

South curbline – Fortuna to La Cima

Both sides – La Cima to Ingraham

Pacific Hwy. - Both sides Sea World Drive to Taylor

A detailed list of road closures; alternate suggested routes; affected areas and access routes can be found by visiting