Riford Center art project is the start of something big

For the past four months, friends and members of the Riford Center have been working on a large collaborative abstract art piece — more than 50 hands have been involved in the process. This evolving work was destined to hang at the adult activities center until longtime member Elaine Leon decided she just had to have it.

Leon made a donation to the Riford Center for the painting and took it home with the blessing of director Dona Aumann and Bird Rock Artist Guild member Jane Wheeler, who was spearheading the project.

“I witnessed the piece take on a different life, a different energy, with so many people working on it,” Wheeler said. “I brought it out at Riford events and encouraged guests to add their favorite colors, their touches. It became more than just another beautiful work of art. It represents the community and the energy and love coming from all the people who worked on it — elementary school children, middle school girls, adults, and guests at the Riford Center art receptions.

“It is time to put out another canvas and watch the mystery of a ‘community creation’ take form again.”

Collaboration No. 2 gets underway at the next Riford Center event. “Don’t be shy about adding your touch,” said Wheeler. “No art training is necessary!”