Restroom redo effort under way


Residents say remodel at Cliffridge Park is overdue

Local residents want to kick-start a project that’s already been six years in the making: refurbishing bathrooms at La Jolla’s Cliffridge Park.

Mike Wintringer, a board member with La Jolla Youth Inc., a group founded in 1958 to oversee the local youth athletic programs, pointed out some of the problems and concurred with a parent who complained about backed up toilets and peeling paint.

“They are 1950s fixtures and 500 kids use them on any given weekend,” Wintringer said. “They’re awfully inadequate.”

La Jolla Youth Inc. raised the $125,000 needed for restroom restoration, which includes $50,000 from a city lease for a cell tower on the site, he added.

That money was to be dedicated to remodeling the bathrooms.

As it stands now, the snack bar and bathroom are one structure, he said, noting that plans call for a wider structure with an added bathroom.

“This is costing the city nothing and it’s an improvement to city land that is desperately needed,” Wintrigner said, but added there may be a new financial “wrinkle.”

“Even though we’re building it, the city’s telling us now there may be $40,000 to $50,000 in check and permit fees.”

Perri Storey, city senior public information officer, said the project is in the development process.

“This is a donation and reimbursement agreement between the City of San Diego and La Jolla Youth Inc. for design and construction services for the improvements of the Cliffridge Park Comfort Station ...” she said. “The city is working to finalize the agreement.”

Storey said a schedule won’t be set the project, which will have to comply with ADA access regulations, until the agreement is approved and they’ve looked at schedules at the adjacent La Jolla YMC and park activities.

Murray Helm, president of the youth organization, said the organization is getty antsy about lack of progress.

“We’ve been ready to go for a long time,” he said. “It’s just cutting through the red tape — and there has been reams of it.”