Restaurant Row: Three new eateries planned for La Jolla Shores

By Ashley Mackin

At its Nov. 13 meeting, the La Jolla Shores Association heard reports about a trio of new restaurants hoping to open soon along Avenida de la Playa.■

1) Galaxy Taco

Terry Winn-Kraszewski, representing the Shores Merchants Association, told LJSA that George’s At The Cove owner George Hauer filed a letter of intent to lease the now-closed La Jolla Shores Market at 8080 La Jolla Shores Drive, and establish a Mexican restaurant, Galaxy Taco, there.

After a notice was issued with the announcement, a meeting took place between Hauer and the community where residents raised concerns about noise, parking, cooking fumes and the restaurant’s late-night hours, due to its proximity to the residential area.

“(Hauer) responded that he has worked out a deal with Jim Morris’ building (2223 Avenida De La Playa), to use the parking structure for evenings,” she said. “I think the community is supporting it. Galaxy Taco will be a nice addition to the Shores.” However, she added, Hauer will not proceed with the restaurant unless he gets a liquor license, which could take about seven months.

The restaurant project, including the total square footage and whether to knock down the wall facing the parking lot, hinges on the liquor license. Winn-Kraszewski said restaurant representatives would come to a future LJSA meeting when more details are available. She said the adjacent Squires Deli would remain.

2) Brick and Bell Café

Two other restaurants are a little closer to opening and have signed leases. Brick and Bell Café plans an additional location in March, in the space next to Hike Bike Kayak, at 2216 Avenida de la Playa. It will serve breakfast and lunch, and have an on-site bakery.

Brick and Bell Cafe owner Peter Watry assured the Village location at 928 Silverado St. would stay in place.

3) Shorehouse Kitchen

The third restaurant, whose cuisine was not known at the meeting, is scheduled to open in the next six months at 2236 Avenida de la Playa. It will be run by one of the owners of the Islands Restaurant franchise. A notice posted at the location lists the business name as the Shorehouse Kitchen.

Food trucks

District 1 City Councilmember Sherri Lightner’s representative Greg Parkington addressed the LJSA to explain that the city is proposing amendments to its citywide ordinance on food trucks, and is seeking public feedback.

“The amendments intend to clarify which regulations apply to food trucks, and create a process to allow food trucks to operate on private property, within the public right-of-way in a manner that best balances safety, community character and economic interests, both to the private (business) and the public,” he said.

The proposed amendments are available at

Comments can be e-mailed to dsdldc@sandiego.give by Dec. 13. However, several groups will hear these amendments before they go to a city council vote in spring 2014, offering additional opportunities for comment.

With both the existing regulations and the suggested amendments, several LJSA members noticed there aren’t a lot of places a food truck can legally operate within the Shores.

The regulations state food trucks are not permitted within public right-of-ways in the Parking Impact Overlay Zone, which is everything west of La Jolla Shores Drive and the beach access areas. Further, the regulations suggest food trucks maintain a certain number of feet from schools, parks and restaurants.

“(Food trucks are) a real problem for the (restaurant) merchants trying to make a living,” said member Mary Coakley-Munk.

Chair Tim Lucas added, “With three new restaurants moving in, and given that they will be long-term members of our community, we want them to succeed.”

Venter Institute

The primary entrance and exit to the new Venter Institute (a thorn in the LJSA’s side for its size, views blockage and traffic issues), was discussed. The current entrance is off Torrey Pines Road, which the LJSA has long objected.

“The concern for most of the community is having people — researchers and employees — leave there at a time that corresponds with people picking kids up from soccer (at the adjacent Allen Field),” Lucas said, and the possibility of traffic congestion.

Responding to their concerns, UC San Diego petitioned the Coastal Commission to put an access route off Expedition Way, which was approved Nov. 14.

At the Nov. 13 meeting, all the board could do was write a letter stating the community’s approval to move the entryway to have something on record.

The board voted 9-0-2 to submit a letter in support of a change in primary access to the Venter Institute from Torrey Pines Road to Expedition Way, allowing only emergency vehicles to access the Torrey Pines Road entryway.

North Comfort Station

Coakley-Munk reported workers plan to break ground on the North Comfort Station in Kellogg Park on Jan. 6 with the intention of completing it by May to comply with the summer construction moratorium.■

Whitney Project

Lucas announced that the public comment period for the Whitney mixed-use project revised design and draft Environmental Impact Report was extended to Dec. 13.■

Member John Kassar reported a group of neighbors in the La Jolla Shores North neighborhood formed a group on

, a social networking site that is neighborhood-specific.

“It’s a great way to get the word out about these meetings and issues in the community,” he said. “It came about because there were a couple of break-ins (in the neighborhood).” Kassar encouraged those living in the area to sign up.

— The La Jolla Shores Association next meets 6:30p.m.Wednesday, Dec.11at 8810 Biological Grade, La Jolla.