Resolved: Quit throwing money at seals

Mike Forbes, the new chairman of the La Jolla Town Council’s Parks & Beaches Committee has a great idea: Find a way to mediate the seal situation at the Children’s Pool.

While the idea of dispersing the seals sits in the holding pattern on Judge Yuri Hofmann’s desk and the city awaits the Jan. 1, 2010, effective date of the Senate bill that makes a marine mammal habitat an allowable use, the possibility of more lawsuits - and more money being spent - hangs in the wind.

Enough already.

The idea of bringing Paul Kennerson and City Attorney Jan Goldsmith to a table to work out a deal that satisfies - or at least placates - both sides makes more sense now than ever before.

The city has already paid Kennerson more than $1 million and Goldsmith said a couple of weeks ago that he can’t begin to account for how much staff time has been invested. And we don’t know how much time and money Bryan Pease, who stands on the seals’ side of the courtroom, has invested or been paid.

Not tallied are the dollars spent and time on the beat lost when police have to respond to disruptions at the pool or be on standby just in case - as they were last week in case Hofmann had followed through on his order to disperse the seals. Surely, there are more important cases they could be working on.

Think what could be done in La Jolla if the dollars spent in this ongoing battle had been used to fill our potholes or on programs for our children or in finding a solution to parking issues.

We encourage Kennerson and Goldsmith to listen to Forbes’ reasoning and find a way to resolve this pesky matter.