Resignation warranted if Mayor Filner is guilty of sexual harassment; accusers must come forward


Though Bob Filner did not receiveLa Jolla Light’sendorsement for Mayor of San Diego, theLighthas since enthusiastically reported on his decisive actions to clean up the long-standing La Jolla Cove stench. While other city officials stood around complaining and wringing their hands, Mayor Filner did what no one else was able to do for the residents of La Jolla. For such leadership, we thank him wholeheartedly.

However, in the next breath, we watch him become embroiled in political, legal and sexual scandals with allegations ill fitting anyone, let alone a person elected to serve in public office.

As we try to get information from his staff these days, we encounter resignations at City Hall and much uncertainty. We’re frustrated when we recall Mayor Filner’s campaign promise for transparency in public office.

This said, the Light stands behind the Mayor’s right to due process of law. We understand the victims’ hesitation to come forward, but strongly encourage them to do so. The Sixth Amendment guarantees the accused the right to be confronted with the witnesses against them — not their friends, nor lawyers.

The citizens of San Diego need to hear from these women so we can judge for ourselves. The accusations describe outrageous behavior that goes far beyond the description of sexual harassment, and if true, then Mayor Filner has replaced the old stench with a new one and should resign from office.