Residents worry about Chabad visitors on roads

We represent Hidden Valley Estates, a 39-home private community located at the end of Ardath Road in La Jolla.

Chabad has proposed a commercial development of 23,666 square feet, including parking at the corner of Ardath and Hidden Valley roads that will put our families and friends at risk.

Hidden Valley Home Owner’s Association (HVHA) is opposed to the proposed development as it will further confuse and congest the corner of Hidden Valley Road, Ardath Road and La Jolla Parkway, “The Throat,” causing dangerous situations for both motorists and pedestrians.

Equally, a concern of ours is that an increased number of confused motorists will enter our community not realizing that Ardath Road terminates at our entrance. Visitors to the proposed development not familiar with the area and attempting to exit La Jolla via Ardath Road will naturally be inclined to follow Ardath into our community if they miss the small turn onto La Jolla Parkway.

Our community roads are quite narrow and we have many families with small children who use our streets. The speed limit on Ardath Road is rarely observed by those looking for access to La Jolla Parkway, while the speed limit in our community is only 15 mph.

It is already our experience that motorists mistakenly transitioning from Ardath into our community do not slow down, make frequent and dangerous u-turns and are generally upset at having found themselves in a private community with no alternative but to turn around and keep looking for an exit.

We strongly oppose the proposed Chabad development and would be happy to discuss this situation further. Should you have any questions, please contact Mark Talbot at (619) 925-1100 or Dave Bernard (858) 945-0708.