Residents have two weeks to collect unclaimed tax refunds


San Diego County residents and taxpayers have two weeks to claim $657,000 in unclaimed property tax and other refunds, Treasurer-Tax Collector Dan McAllister announced Friday.

Those owed money have until Oct. 19 to claim the funds, or the money will go into the county’s general fund.

“It is sad to see that people are not stepping up and claiming the

money we owe them,” said McAllister. “These are monies that rightfully belong to people and we simply need to give it back before the deadline.”

Of the $656,935 in unclaimed funds, $432,752 is from unclaimed property tax refunds and another $224,183 is from various fees, deposits and funds.

A list of all unclaimed funds owed to taxpayers and others who have done business with the county over the past three years can be found on the Treasurer-Tax Collector’s Web site at