Report: Using public transit could save San Diegans thousands

San Diego residents who take public transportation instead of driving could save an average of $10,049 a year, according to a report out Thursday by the American Public Transportation Association.

San Diego was listed among the top 10 cities in the nation for potential savings by using public transportation, according to the APTA’s “Transit Savings Report.”

Among the top 20 U.S. cities surveyed by the APTA, individuals who ride public transportation could save an average of $9,343 annually by forgoing their cars.

Topping the list was New York City, whose drivers could save $13,901 annually by taking public transportation, followed by Boston at $12,475, San Francisco at $12,347, Chicago at $11,458 and Seattle at $11,356, according to the APTA.

The APTA calculated the savings by comparing the cost of a monthly public transit pass to the average cost of driving, which includes the price of gas on July 7, maintenance, insurance, registration, vehicle depreciation and finance charges.