Report: Laptops, GPS devices, iPods, cell phones favored by thieves


By City News Service

Laptops, GPS systems, iPods and cell phones are among the 10 items most frequently stolen from vehicles in San Diego, a task force announced Monday.

Also on the Regional Auto Theft Task Force’s “Top 10 Items Stolen from Vehicles” list are purses, wallets, cameras, hand tools, sunglasses and CDs.

“Never leave your valuables in plain sight and never lock anything in your trunk after you park because thieves could be watching your ever more,” said California Highway Patrol Capt. Lisa Wrobel, who commands the task force.

The task force, which is made up of representatives from law enforcement agencies around the county, is working to raise awareness about the ongoing problem of auto theft and vehicle break-ins.

Recommended steps to avoid vehicle break-ins include locking doors, parking in well-lit and high-traffic areas, using a car alarm and removing valuables from view.