Report: Bilbray’s fundraising tops $500,000

With more than a year to go before the general election, North County Congressman Brian Bilbray has raised more than half a million dollars for his campaign, it was reported today.

Bilbray, R-Carlsbad, has raised $534,000 for the upcoming 50th Congressional District race, while three Democrat challengers have raised a total of $487,000, according to The San Diego Union-Tribune.

Former Cardiff school board member Francine Busby, Escondido criminal appellate attorney Tracy Emblem and Solana Beach City Councilman Dave Robert will compete for the Democratic party nomination in the June primary.

Andy Stone, spokesman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, told the Union-Tribune that Democratic leaders see Bilbray as vulnerable because of declining Republican registration in the district.

Among the three challengers, Busby has raised the most — $233,000, which includes a $5,000 loan to herself, the Union-Tribune reported. This is

Busby’s fourth attempt to win the seat.

Emblem has raised $101,000, of which $44,000 is a loan to herself, while Roberts has raised $153,000, including $50,000 personal loan, according to the Union-Tribune.