Renting vs. buying a home: why now is the time for San Diegans to purchase real estate


By Cher Conner

Has the housing market finally bottomed out? According to a recent piece for

CNN Money

, home prices may be at rock bottom – for real this time. And this means that, as the recovery effort gains momentum, so too will prices for prospective buyers. These days, many people debate the relative advantages of

renting vs. buying a home

: but now, with 98 of the country’s top 100 markets favoring buying over renting in terms of long-term affordability, the time is ripe for San Diego residents to sink their teeth into the real estate market – and snag the home of their dreams before prices and mortgage rates begin to rise.

For years now, potential buyers have been on the fence about purchasing real estate amidst repeated market changes. But if today’s prices are really at their lowest point, the combination of low interest rates and a growing interest among fellow buyers as of early 2012 should be a signal that now is the time to buy. Individuals and families who qualify for loans may actually be in a position to save money if they give up paying rising rental fees and invest instead in real estate poised for long-term value accumulation. As one of the nation’s great cities and a California coastal gem, San Diego offers such buyers a wealth of opportunity when it comes to selecting a home that will not only satisfy their comfort and lifestyle needs, but afford handsome gains in the form of market value with each passing year.

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Purchasing a home can seem like a daunting process; but in the right hands, any buyer can rest assured of securing a great value with minimal stress and maximum satisfaction. As a long-time

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