Remodeled Shores features retooled steakhouse menu


The Shores, which is the sister restaurant of The Marine Room, took on a new look and a new concept recently. This family-friendly eatery with spectacular oceanfront views was remodeled to give it a more open and contemporary feel. But the most impressive change is on the dinner menu.

Chef de Cuisine Augustin Saucedo and Executive Chef Bernard Guillas put their heads together and produced a steakhouse menu for The Shores that would put any beef eater on cloud nine. Focusing on Midwestern corn-fed beef, the dinner menu features popular cuts including melt-in-your-mouth filet mignon ($29), T-bone steak ($33), and New York strip steak ($34).

Another special feature of the menu is the accompanying sauces offered with each cut of meat. You don’t have to make your selection in advance. The waiter will bring you a trio of sauces to tantalize your taste buds. There’s a classic cabernet reduction, a marvelous bearnaise and a unique, stone-ground mustard aioli.

Try any steak and have fun deciding the sauce to match your mood.

Big-time eaters can challenge their appetites with a bone-in cowboy ribeye ($32). This succulent steak is a 16-ounce cut and as flavorful as any you can buy. If you crave a unique-tasting steak, indulge in Kobe beef top sirloin ($27 ). It’s delicious.

You can also select the temperature you prefer, and the menu explains several versions of rare, medium and well-done, just in case you’re not sure how to describe the cooking style you like best. Though well done is available, it’s not recommended.

In addition to the steaks on this new menu, you’ll find Country Meadow lamb loin ($25), delicious lamb pan-roasted and served with red onion zinfandel sauce. Niman Ranch double-cut pork chop with a tart cherry bourbon glaze ($22) is another excellent choice.

Seafood has always been a signature item at The Shores, and this menu doesn’t neglect delicacies from the sea. You can get an eight-ounce Maine lobster tail with champagne saffron cream ($33), Pacific swordfish loin with an exotic fruit relish ($27), and creole spiced ahi tuna steak seared rare with mango mustard sauce ( $25). Five-spiced ono ($23) and natural salmon steak with macadamia cilantro pesto ($21) are also included on this well-designed menu.

Like most steakhouses, The Shores lets you pick and choose your sides. You can opt for anything from Vermont cheddar mashed potatoes to Winchester cumin gouda polenta. The chefs haven’t forgotten classic accompaniments, such as asparagus with Hollandaise sauce, creamed spinach, and Idaho baked potato with all the toppings.

The appetizer menu is outstanding. Don’t miss the Kobe short rib-stuffed portabello mushroom ($9). This delight is so irresistible, the restaurant offers it on the lunch menu as well ($7.75).

You can also get a filet mignon with parsley-truffled fries, asparagus and cabernet reduction for lunch ($15.50). That’s a good time to sample both of these specialties.

Salads have been elevated to star status on many local menus, and The Shores is no exception. You won’t believe what The Shores does with baby iceberg lettuce wedges ($7). The wedges are topped with fried onions, pancetta and gorgonzola walnut dressing.

There are two exquisite soups on the menu: a New England clam chowder ($6.75) that would make any Yankee homesick, and a free-range smoked chicken soup with avocado and tortilla strips ($6).

The Shores Restaurant is at 8110 Camino del Oro. Call (858) 456-0600 for more information.