Relieve Varicose Veins During Summer


Summer is at its halfway point, and many people may be finding their varicose veins giving them trouble, whether it is the unsightly marks that are revealed below bathing suits and shorts, or it is the ache felt at the end of a long day walking along the boardwalk or catching the sights on vacation. While you may not want to interrupt your summer to begin injections or laser treatment, there are some things you can do for temporary relief.

Keep hydrated. This should be part of everyone’s daily routine, but it is even more important for those with varicose or spider veins, as drinking plenty of fluids helps with circulation.

Avoid or limit salt consumption. We know a little bit of sodium helps us stay hydrated, but most of us load up on salty foods and snacks, especially when on vacation or when looking for a quick beach snack. Opt for a low-sodium snack if you can’t fight that craving, or ask for that margarita minus the salted rim.

Head for the pool or air conditioning. When the weather is hot, especially during these humid monsoons, we all want to head for cooler spots. If you have varicose veins, this is especially important, as increased heat can dilate veins, causing aching or even pain. If you can’t avoid the heat, try to wear breathable fabrics such as cotton.

Wear Support Socks. No one associates summer wear with compression socks, but these are helpful tools in offering relief to sore legs and promoting circulation. One option is to wear compression sleeves, which can be covered up by light pants or long skirts and even worn with sandals. However, many athletic wear companies are making stylish sleeves and leggings for runners. Fortunately, workout wear has become fashionable, so now you can be trendy while keeping your legs comfortable during errands or walking around town.

Lose any excess weight. Maintaining a healthy weight is always important to consider with any varicose vein prevention or reduction. For many people, fortunately, this is already part of a summer bathing suit readiness plan.

Stay active. Summer is perfect for swimming, which provides a low-pressure workout without adding stress to the legs. Light walking is also preferred. However, if you are stuck at work, make sure to get up whenever possible, or use the farthest restroom or parking spot. If you have to stick close to your desk, do some ankle rolls and leg stretches.

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