Rehabilitated seal pup returned to ocean


A seriously injured harbor seal pup that was saved by SeaWorld three weeks ago has completely recovered and been returned to the ocean, set free in the Point Loma kelp beds.

On July 27, a harbor seal pup was recovered from La Jolla Children’s Pool by SeaWorld, which removed a monofilament fishing line from its neck and a small fish hook from its lower lip. The mammal’s neck wounds were treated with antibiotics to prevent infection, and it was fed fish and squid to recover its health.

The animal is a male, estimated to be three- or four-months old.

SeaWorld reports it has saved, rehabilitated and returned to the wild a total of 113 sea mammals during the first 7 1/2 months of 2008.

Anyone finding a wounded sea mammal can report it to SeaWorld by calling (800) 541-SEAL.