Reflections: A letter from the publisher

By Phyllis Pfeiffer


It has been nearly a year since I returned to La Jolla and the Light, pledging to work toward delivering a Light to readers and advertisers that reflects the attributes and uniqueness that makes La Jolla exceptional. Much has been accomplished in 2008 through the efforts of a small but mighty staff committed to publishing a high quality La Jolla newspaper and Web site.

A new second section, LifeStyles, debuted in March with people features, an extensive weekly arts and entertainment calendar, expanded social coverage showcasing philanthropic events, food and fashion coverage and the popular Ten Questions feature spotlighting your La Jolla neighbors of interest.

In May, we started delivering the La Jolla Light in the mail, which means that the thousands of La Jolla residents in gated communities and condominiums now have home delivery service too. In addition to being able to guarantee to our advertisers proof of delivery to all La Jolla households, being in the mail supports the environment by not littering the streets or using plastic bags. Additionally, the Light will never sit in your driveway while you are on vacation signaling that you are not at home.

The Web site,, was re-launched in May, with daily news updates, expanded content, photo and video galleries, UCSD TV, weekly polls and holiday contests. You can talk back to us, and the community, by commenting at the end of our stories or getting involved in the community blog.

We also recently redesigned the look of the print version of the Light, with more color, better organization and more local content. Be assured though, that we’re not resting on our laurels; we have much left to do at the Light, including more product upgrades and features planned in the coming year.

Much has changed in La Jolla too. Some of the issues that have divided the community in the past few years, such as parking meters and the seals, are closer to resolution.

Although we are all facing tough economic times, we have been heartened to see our local merchants come together to promote shopping locally with the “Find the Jewel” campaign. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Gina Phillips of Adelaide’s, many La Jollans embarked on a treasure hunt to find the “jewel” and save on holiday gifts. As La Jolla residents you can do your part to help La Jolla retain its charm by supporting the local merchants whose presence helps make our town unique. So before you head off to the mall, or a big-box store, remember to invest in La Jolla’s own economic recovery program first.

To all of you who are readers and advertisers, thank you for your support. Have a wonderful and safe holiday season and let’s all do our part to make 2009 a great year for La Jolla, our country and the world.