Redefine your face and strengthen your profile with chin augmentation plastic surgery


By John G. Apostolides, MD

What is

chin augmentation plastic surgery

? According to a recent piece for

Fox News

, chin implants are swiftly becoming one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures available. Designed to strengthen a weak or underdeveloped chin and add greater definition to one’s profile, chin augmentation surgery involves the insertion of an anatomic implant to adjust the chin’s placement and proportion. Male and female patients who are concerned about a sagging neck, overly emphasized nose or a poorly defined jaw may be good candidates for chin surgery. And because the procedure is performed using a small, subtle incision, there are fewer complication risks and downtime requirements for plastic surgery patients.

According to the

American Society of Plastic Surgeons

, requests for chin augmentation surgery increased by 71% last year. Baby boomers make up a significant proportion of the patient base for this procedure. Some believe that the combined pressures of economic necessity and social media-driven self-consciousness lie behind popular enthusiasm for the surgery. Faced with the need to compete with younger applicants in the workplace and the incessant photo-sharing culture encouraged by online applications like Facebook and Instagram, many people want to do everything they can to improve their appearance and erase signs of aging.

Clocking in at about 30-40 minutes and requiring little more than local anesthesia and post-operative medication for pain management, chin augmentation procedures pose a viable option for those seeking a profile boost. In addition, the surgery is a popular add-on for patients undergoing other facial surgeries like a rhinoplasty or facelift. At SK Clinic in San Diego, we perform chin augmentation surgeries using an inconspicuous incision inside the mouth. This way, there are no visible scars from the surgery – only a stronger, younger-looking jaw line.

While chin surgery is entirely safe and very effective, it is not for everyone. Consult your physician before seeking any type of plastic surgery, and plan to discuss your desired results with your certified plastic surgeon before undergoing the procedure. AT SK Clinic, we believe strongly in the importance of communication and careful listening. Each and every procedure begins with a complimentary consultation, during which we will assess the patient’s goals and determine the procedure that will help him look and feel his very best. This strategy has won us numerous awards and countless loyal clients over the years, and we look forward to sharing it with you.

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