Recognition of Silver Jubilee


The mass and luncheon event, held at All Hallows Church, was chaired by Marie Chemali and Kevin Loughran of La Jolla.

A trumpet fanfare ushered in the arrival of Bishop Robert Brom and the other clergy in attendance. Guests came from all over the country - including Dick and Donna Doyle (from Chicago) and Brian Smith and Diane Stapleton (from San Francisco).

Among the many La Jollans toasting Monsignor Thompson’s milestone at the elegant luncheon were Sally and John Thornton, Olivia Rotert, Esther Nahama, Camilla Huston, Dolores and Rod Smith, Rita and Marvin Crouch, Mary Walker, Carol Karlovich, Merle Lotherington, Cristull Hasson, Kevin Smith, Shirley Harper, Bob and Joanne Thornton, Helene and Bob Galstian, Frank and Dorothy St. Amour, and Al and Elaine Barrack.