Rebates for commercial water conservation expended; residential still available

Funding for commercial water conservation rebates offered through the Metropolitan Water District (MWD) of Southern California’s Commercial, Industrial, & Institutional Save-A-Buck Rebate Program ( has been exhausted for the current fiscal year.

The CII Save-a-Buck program provides rebates for the replacement of older, inefficient devices used by businesses.

The Water Authority, in partnership with San Diego Gas and Electric, has limited funding for multi-family high-efficiency clothes washers. Before purchasing any water-saving devices, the Water Authority urges businesses to contact their local water supplier to determine the availability of commercial rebates.

Residential rebates available through MWD’s SoCal WaterSmart program ( remain plentiful. Only 10 percent of the $6 million budgeted for this fiscal year had been expended as of Dec. 26. The SoCal WaterSmart program provides rebates for residential water-saving devices such as high-efficiency clothes washers and toilets, smart irrigation controllers, as well as Smart Landscape evaluations.

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