“Real Housewives” aren’t the only ones getting nose jobs: how rhinoplasty blends beauty with functionality for plastic surgery patients


By John G. Apostolides, MD

Plastic surgery rumors rank among the top news headlines in Hollywood tabloids; and just recently, yet another celebrity confessed to going under the knife – again. According to

US Weekly

, “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Alexis Bellino confirmed that she underwent a “nose job,” or


, due to a blend of aesthetic and functional concerns. Bellino’s surgeon explained that the reality star requested surgery both in an attempt to refine the shape of her nose and also to help with chronic, debilitating sinus infections; and while some might assume that the latter was merely an excuse for the surgery in the wake of previous breast enhancement surgery and Botox injections, medical experts confirm that such procedures can significantly improve airflow and breathing ability – and provide a unique blend of beautification and medical treatment to both male and female patients alike.

Rhinoplasty is a specialized procedure in which a trained surgeon corrects and modifies the aesthetic units of the nose to improve the shape and profile according to each individual patient’s request. At the same time, experienced plastic surgeons can make adjustments to ease breathing difficulty and sinusitis in patients who have structural abnormalities that affect their ability to breath easily. Such abnormalities can be brought on by any manner of causes, such as trauma, congenital anatomy, or previous and over-aggressive surgical procedures. While some patients may approach a plastic surgeon due to breathing problems or abnormalities like a broken nose, others may simply desire corrective work to fix a hump or curved nasal profile, or a round or boxy nasal tip. The proportions and shape of the nose can be optimized using cosmetic plastic surgery, maximizing each patient’s individual facial beauty – and correcting medical concerns in the process.

Uniting aesthetic principle and medical expertise at SK Clinic in La Jolla


SK Clinic

in La Jolla, we devote equal time, expertise and consideration to our patients’ cosmetic and medical concerns; and whether a patient is simply seeking a sleeker profile or requires surgery to correct nasal obstruction caused by deformity or previous surgery, we exercise the highest standards of medical care on their behalf. As with any plastic surgery procedure, it is important to seek out a qualified and board certified surgeon to ensure safe, natural and medically-sound results; and at our state-of-the-art clinic, we are prepared to handle the advanced grafting techniques that may be required in cases where the patient is suffering from reduced airflow or requires an increase of size to the airway – all without compromising aesthetics.

Rhinoplasty surgery can restore your natural ability to breath freely and easily, eradicate sinus congestion due to obstructed airways and improve the beauty and balance of your facial features. To learn more about

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