Real Estate Inventory in San Diego: Working to Make the Sale


By Ryan Mathys & Tracie Kersten

It’s not every day that we find ourselves in such an extraordinary real estate market. At this moment in time, the San Diego housing market has not only made a strong, solid comeback in terms of pricing, but buyers are all the more anxious to land their dream home amidst historically low interest rates. That means a quick sale for sellers and an eager buyer willing to pay what it takes to get into the home.


But what happens, exactly, when the dream home is nowhere to be found?

You go out looking for it.

In a

recent post

at the Los Angeles Times, our firm was showcased in an article titled, “Motivated home buyers skip the bidding wars,” covering our efforts in locating the most precious and highly-sought real estate for our clients.

“Agents like Mathys are resorting to reconnaissance and back-channel networks to find homes that haven’t yet hit the market. They’re cold-calling homeowners with offers and targeting specific neighborhoods with direct mail,” writer Alejandro Lazo said.

And, it’s actually more common to scout homes than you might think. For buyers who need to make it happen, it’s important to work with a real estate agent well-versed in creatively sourcing real estate in wake of the area’s low inventory.

If you’re a buyer looking for the best possible home at the very best possible price, we may be able to help you get into the home of your dreams – without the stress or legwork. We handle it all. Here’s how.

Unique Connections.

Our real estate firm has connections with owners who may be interested in selling their homes but haven’t quite listed the property on the multiple listing service. We also network with other agents in the market that may know of opportunities that are not actively listed. We can give you a heads up when up-and-coming real estate is about to hit the San Diego market – a valuable advantage when it comes to landing your dream home.

Off Market Opportunities.

Once considered urban legend, the so-called pocket listing is back and stronger than ever. A pocket listing is when a home is privately marketed among those in the know. We can help you secure your dream home by searching any available pocket listings through other agents ordinarily unavailable to the public.

Social Media.

We are one of the most advanced real estate brokerages when it comes to the use of social media. We are engaged in the community with a finger on the real estate pulse, ready to act when you are the moment we find a home for sale through any of our social networks.

Privately Sourcing Your Home.

When all else fails, we will find a home for you through grassroots efforts like direct mail, door-to-door or other unique marketing methods that can unearth the perfect home for your needs.


In working diligently with technology and online marketing we have amassed a very large database of buyers. When meeting with prospective sellers we can quickly run the home by our list of buyers to see if there is a possible fit.

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