RAYS of Hope offers in-home care

A licensed and registered occupational therapist and advanced health and fitness specialist, Lisa H. Tooman, whose business is called RAYS of Hope, helps older clients improve their ability to function and maintain their independence in their homes.

“As we age we lose the capability of physical independence, and what I do is go in after they’ve experienced an illness or some type of injury, and really improve their ability to do basic every-day kinds of things,” she said.

Tooman said the first word of her business name RAYS, is an acronym standing for Rehab At Your Service.

“Hope just means there’s intervention above and beyond what the traditional medical system can provide,” she added. “Many of my clients fall into that category.”

Tooman has 25 years of experience in healthcare with diverse expertise in supervisory, management and administrative operations. She said she is qualified to serve older adults, youth and high-risk individuals of all ages, although most of her clients are 65 and above with many in their 80s.

The in-home health care specialist said she starts with a complete assessment of the individual and then bases her intervention “on what they need to improve on whether that be strength, balance or functional mobility in their home,”

She added that functional fitness is giving someone the ability to perform daily tasks safely and effectively without causing injury.

She charges for the assessment and bases treatment fees on what is needed. She also offers discounts for multiple sessions.

An extra benefit of her services, said Tooman, is that ongoing in-home health care can actually prevent re-hospitalization, particularly for those who may have been discharged prematurely.

For more information visit Tooman’s website at or call her at (858) 336-5757.