Rare surfboards stolen from La Jolla garage

Stolen boards 1By Pat Sherman

A La Jolla man who witnessed someone trying to break into the garage of his condo complex in July was burglarized last month, when someone successfully broke in, making away with seven of his surfboards and two bicycles.

Jonathan Clark, who resides in the 7500 block of La Jolla Boulevard adjacent The Bishop’s School, was asleep Feb. 21 when the shared garage where he lives was burglarized.

While Clark and his wife slept, someone pried open the garage door off La Jolla Boulevard. Clark was the only victim, losing property including two rare boards with a combined value of $5,000.

The boards include a Greek, faux Balsa airbrush twin fin and a 7-inch yellow board made by Gerry Lopez, with Clark’s name emblazoned on it. Detailed information and photos of the surfboards (pictured here), can be viewed on Clark’s Facebook page,

“The boards stolen from me are very special ... one-of-a-kind boards, so they should surface somewhere,” Clark said.

Last summer, Clark was on his balcony when he noticed a man trying to break into the underground garage where he stored his surfboards and bicycles, using a long screwdriver or crowbar.

Though the suspect did not gain access to the garage, and drove away, Clark said he photographed his vehicle license plate number, which he gave to police.

Though nothing came of the investigation at that time, both cases have now been assigned to a Northern Division detective, said San Diego Police Lt. Tom Underwood.

The license plate provided by Clark was entered into an inter-jurisdictional database. It is registered to a resident of Perris, about 80 miles northeast of La Jolla. No criminal history related to the vehicle was obtained at the time, though Underwood assured that the previous attempt was a lead that will be investigated.

Anyone with information about the theft or attempted break-in is urged to contact SDPD at (858) 552-1631.

According to police, overall property crime in La Jolla actually decreased by 9.5 percent between the final quarter of 2011 and the final quarter of 2012.

According to police statistics the number of residential burglaries during both quarters was the same (43), while non-residential burglaries and motor vehicle thefts both declined from 25 to 14, and 32 to 18, respectively.

Residential burglaries are down so far this year, from 23 during the first two months of 2012, to 16 in 2013.

Nevertheless, Underwood advises residents to remain vigilant and keep doors and windows locked — especially side garage doors, a popular point of entry.

“The crooks that are doing this — for the most part — are looking for easy targets,” Underwood said. “They’re walking the neighborhoods looking for open doors, open windows, trying car doors.”