Rain-related car accidents punctuate San Diego County: Is your vehicle rain ready?


Friday was riddled with rain-related car accidents throughout San Diego.By Michael Pines, Accident & Injury Prevention Expert

Within the last week, rain showers have blanketed San Diego County, causing slippery, wet roadways and countless car accidents throughout the area. Friday was packed with weather-related accidents, causing emergency crews to be on response all over San Diego County.

Friday began with reports of a jackknifed semi-truck around 7 a.m. on northbound I-15 in Mission Valley, leading serious traffic delays for San Diego commuters.

Across the county in Chula Vista, a semi-truck accident caused traffic to come to a halt at around 11 a.m. along the northbound corridor of Interstate 805 between I-905. Traffic was reduced to just one lane.

Friday’s persistent rain showers contributed to even more accidents later that afternoon.

In Bonsall, a woman tragically died when her Honda Civic crossed the center median, causing her vehicle to careen onto oncoming traffic at Route 76 near Grid Road. A tractor-trailer driving in the opposing lane collided with her vehicle, essentially splitting the car in half according to authorities.

Back in Mission Valley later in the day, another accident involving a big rig truck stopped traffic as it overturned on northbound I-15, blocking the onramp to Interstate 8.

Is your vehicle rain ready?

San Diego is well-known for its fantastic weather and everlasting sunshine. But despite the nearly year-round perfect weather, we also get a small dose of winter -- even if it is just rain.

Compared to snow, rain is a little easier to handle, but that doesn’t mean it’s any safer for drivers on the road. In fact, rain is just as dangerous as snowy, icy conditions because it causes vehicles to slip off roadways or careen into vehicles ahead. Combined with poor visibility and dust, dirt and oil, rain can cause some of the most extreme conditions on the road.

Fortunately, San Diego is slated to be in the clear with mild temperatures and little to no rainfall all week. But rain is still to come in the following weeks. The rainiest month for San Diego is February, so now’s the time to make sure you are prepared for our wet season. Here’s how.

  1. Tires and brakes.Bald tires are no match to slippery, oil-slicked roadways. Make sure tires are replaced as recommended by your vehicle or tire manufacturer. If you’re unsure whether your tires need replacing, check with a vehicle service center.
  2. Windshield wipers and washer fluid.Make sure your windshield wipers are replaced every winter for maximum visibility and refill your windshield wiper fluid. Dirty windshields and poor wipers lead to bad visibility, so make sure you can see clearly to avoid getting into an accident.
  3. Headlights.Dim headlights or worn plastic covers can also severely impact your visibility. Driving with operational headlights and windshield wipers is the law – it’s not merely for convenience – so make sure your vehicle properly illuminates the road ahead.
As we approach our rainiest month, make sure your vehicles are up-to-date for your safety and the safety of those around you. And always remember –

reduce your speed in inclement weather!

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