Quake shakes boulder loose, causing hole in Campo highway

There was a 3-feet-by-1-foot deep hole on Old Highway 80 in Campo Thursday, a result of the 5.4-magnitude earthquake that rocked San Diego County late Wednesday afternoon.

A 4-feet-by-5-feet rock fell 1,000 feet from a cliff above, bouncing across Old Highway 80, near Buckman Springs Road, leaving the hole in its wake, according to Cal Fire Battalion Chief Nick Schuler.

“The rock had enough force to break two mature oak trees, fortunately no one was injured,” Schuler said.

The temblor, centered about 15 miles north-northwest of Borrego Springs, struck at 4:53 p.m., according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

In addition to the massive rock, the quake gave homes, businesses and roadways throughout the county — especially in the Inland North County — a pronounced shaking but apparently caused no other significant damage.

The shaker also jostled communities in the Riverside area and as far away as Palmdale in northern Los Angeles County.

USGS seismologist Kate Hutton told reporters at Caltech in Pasadena that the quake likely occurred in the San Jacinto fault zone, and it was followed by about two dozen small aftershocks, the largest a magnitude-3.6.

She said the quake was likely not an aftershock to the magnitude-7. temblor centered near the Mexican border that rattled much of Southern California in early April.

“This earthquake, probably, although it’s pretty close in time after the April earthquake, it’s probably not an aftershock because it’s located in a different location,” Hutton said. “But it probably is what we would call a triggered earthquake, because we’re now thinking that the 7.2 earthquake in April changed the strain slightly in the San Jacinto fault area and the

Elsinore fault area.”