Q. What is the biggest challenge facing La Jolla?


“It’s not a big issue or problem, but I hate to see all the clutter on the street. I’m looking at six newsstands on every corner. There are racks, and they’re mostly empty because they’re not filled with anything. I don’t understand why you don’t need to get a permit, pay a fee, get permission to just clutter up our sidewalks. It’s the first thing I look at.”

Peggy Chodorow, Crystal Bay

“La Jolla is the most beautiful place in the world, but the biggest problem is there are too many gold diggers in La Jolla. A lot of women here are looking for a rich guy. There are getting (to be) more and more of them every year.”

Marc Paskin, La Jolla Shores

“The main trouble I saw when I lived here was traffic. Not just a small problem with congestion, but with people driving too fast. I lived on Mt. Soledad … you expect, when you walk around the block that people would drive a respectable speed limit … Unfortunately people take a shortcut to get to PB over Mt. Soledad and they drive real fast. If I could pick one thing that I could snap my fingers and magically improve, that would be it, traffic control.”

Phillip Yankovsky, Former La Jollan, now living in San Jose, Calif.