Q. What do you think President Obama should do first in office?

“I heard he wanted to take the prisoners from Guantanamo Bay in Cuba and bring them here to California, and I was a little concerned about our state and federal budgets, how that was going to affect us? And the job situation, which looks pretty bad here.”

Vivienne Clerissi


“The economy is number 1 right now. I think employment because I think we can anticipate further job loss, and so that needs to be addressed, how to generate jobs.”

Dayna Arnold


“It’s a very difficult job. God bless him. I think he needs to be more in tune with the people and ask the people what their priorities are first, because they’re the ones who elected him and he had fabulous support from them. He needs to get together with a group of common people and his staff and ask those questions.”

Fran Vargas

Mt. Soledad

“We need to restore the rule of law and the place of the United States as a member in the community of nations. America is seen as an outlaw country. We need to rebalance so many issues, like at this very moment somebody needs to step up and deal with Gaza. We need to take principled stands that represent fairness and social justice. Unless we do that, our standing in the world is in peril.”

Richard Smith

La Jolla

“I think he should do things to improve our standing in the world.”

Randy Clark

La Jolla