Q: What can the city or residents do to guard against landslides like the one last year on Mt. Soledad?


“I think they need to control their watering situation. There are so many people overwatering their lawns ... sprinkler systems going off and water running down the street. It’s time to get that back under control. We don’t have enough water. We’re depleting the Colorado River.”

Karen Dalton

La Jolla Village

“People who live in high-risk areas should have their soil protected. That was never proven (leaky water pipes caused it). I don’t really know what can be done and what should have been done. Certainly, our city could afford to spend some more money on its infrastructure.”

Gina Thackrey

Mount Soledad

“I would do a soils test to make sure the ground is compacted properly, so that it doesn’t occur again because I know it’s causing a lot of inconvenience for the residents and for people trying to commute. So I certainly hope they do resolve it for the benefit of the community.”

Maury Liwerant


“I wasn’t surprised. It happened (before) 20 years ago.”

Jeremy Teracka and daughter Hannah

Bird Rock

“The engineers of the city are going to have to take care of it. I don’t know if it will happen again. I live on a hill and I don’t even want to say.”

Claire Carlyle