Q: Was the sentence given in the death of professional surfer Emery Kauanui too lenient?


“No. It’s almost appalling when you have four or five people involved in a murder and they get just shy of a year … it’s just as criminal as the murder itself, almost. They were involved in a murder. It should have been severe punishment.”

Chris Tharp


“I believe in the justice system - we should have faith in what they do. I do think if somebody dies it should be more than just probation.”

Kristen Leland

Pacific Beach

“Yes. They were acting as a gang and we shouldn’t tolerate gangs. Some of them were being served alcohol and they were underage. I have a young son as well. Being able to run around like that has become acceptable in our society … You have to be in control because it affects more people.”

C.W. Lonn