Q. Do you think the replacement Shores lifeguard station is bigger and more expensive than it needs to be?


“I don’t like the shed in the middle of the parking lot. I understand they need to fix the park but any removal of public parking in the beach area is a very serious issue. We don’t have enough parking as it is.”

Don Schmidt, Bird Rock

“It is my understanding they were going to move it down the beach and take the parking away They definitely need a new tower. They definitely need a new facility.”

Herb Gruenhagen, Mira Mesa

“I’ve been coming here all my life and it seems fine, the one we’ve got now. How many times do you need to rebuild a lifeguard tower, you know. I don’t see any need to do anything with it.”

Kevin Staff, SDSU area

“It’s old and it needs to be redone but I don’t know that it needs to be done as much as they say it does. I think it’s more expensive than what we need.”

Sally Fuller, Alta La Jolla

“I feel that putting a garage in the middle of the parking lot is unreasonable. There are other ways to accommodate those vehicles. We have a shoreline that has mission-style buildings. It would be wonderful if they would carry that (design) through. … The lifeguards definitely deserve, and need, a new facility.”

Mary Coakley, La Jolla Shores