Push your limits with Pilates Plus in La Jolla

By Marti Gacioch

La Jolla’s Pilates Plus invites new clients to get ready for a fit summer with 2014 Father’s Day private class specials and the arrival of the latest Pilates workout machines.

“Our latest machine, the M3-S is the Lamborghini of all workout machines,” said owner Jessica Shehab. “It has compound pivotal handlebars that allow students to do a full range of motion and change their positions quickly, which keeps their heart rate up and muscles working. This is very effective because they’ll be able to do more exercises in less time without adding any excessive stress on their joints or on their spine.”

The M3-S is the fifth and latest Sebastien Lagree design based on his well-known Megaformer machine. In early June, Pilates Plus will install 10 M3-S machines in their Fay Ave. studio.

“A lot of people look at this machine and say that it looks vaguely tortuous, but it’s so effective in building up people’s resistance and it fine tunes their flexibility, core strength and endurance,” Shehab said.

The Pilates message, according to Shehab, who has watched her business grow for over five years, is to use your body to the point of failure. “If you don’t allow your muscles to rest for even a second, new muscles will form, and your metabolic rate will go up,” she explained. “This exercise pushes you to the limit, but it’s fun, too, and it becomes addictive.”

Pilates Plus provides students with a variety of introductory classes. Students can sign up for a one-day unlimited class, a full week or a full month of unlimited classes. They also offer a Ride & Glide, 50-minute fitness class with 25 minutes each of spinning and Pilates exercise.

“We have something that fits everyone, and for Father’s Day, we’re offering a special that includes three private sessions and 10 classes for $400,” Shehab said.

While Pilates Plus has many out-of-town visitors who try out the studio, Shehab hopes to see more La Jollans discover the many benefits her workout classes provide. “I want residents to know that we’re more than just a Pilates studio; we’re more a full body, core-base workout in 40 minutes,” Shehab said.

Pilates Plus La Jolla

7712 Fay Ave., La Jolla

(858) 456-1516

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