Purlia at Pannikin


Local photographer John Purlia will exhibit his work at Pannikin Coffee & Tea throughout the month of September. The exhibition, titled “Vinyl Mysteries of the Caffeine Alphabet,” features images that tell “post-atomic tales of love, wonder and the pursuit of the American Dream,” according to Purlia. Toys in peril, couples in distress and lots of wooden blocks are among the tools Purlia uses to construct his photographic essays.Clockwise from above, “Lorraine leaps upon the red carpet to get her first delicious taste of paparazzi fame at the 1959 Grammys.” “Audrey longs for a career in front of the camera, but does not heed stern warnings from her celestial advisors.” “Arlene measures the value of her soul while listening to the insidious sounds of Musica de los Muertos.”