Prospect lights solution in wings

Promote La Jolla board members last week continued to express dismay about the lighting problems plaguing the Village.

Although the lights are back on on Prospect Street, it’s only because SDG&E is having a troubleshooter turn them on and off each night, said the group’s executive director.

Tiffany Sherer reported that a switch/controller failed and the utility didn’t have one in stock. Until they get the part and can repair the transformer as well, the Village will get personal service.

Meanwhile, she told them that the project to replace the aging wiring connecting the vintage lighting system is continuing.

However the piece of the project that was to have included plugs for decorative lighting between the poles was omitted from the bid. It would have cost $9,000 she said.

Peter Wagener, who owns the Parisi Hotel and other properties in the Village and heads PLJ’s economic development committee, offered to pitch in $1,000 to get the lights if others would join him.

Bob Collins of Inn by the Sea raised his hand, and other board members said they would see what they could do.

Sherer said Friday that she’s optimistic they’ll raise the $9,000 and that efforts to reach the goal are continuing.