Promote La Jolla moving forward

We are making some progress. Since June Promote La Jolla, operating without either city funding or an executive director, has cooperated with the city investigations of its finances while continuing business as usual.

In September I used three minutes of public comment time before the San Diego City Council to explain why the La Jolla Business Improvement District needed to be funded. Mayor Sanders and the city heard me and took swift action to work with us to solve the dilemma. The next day I met with Meredith Dibden-Brown and her staff.

During the succeeding weeks they labored long hours, often into the night, to help. Jennifer Clark (Maudlin) and Daisy Fitzgerald (Ark Antiques) collaborated tirelessly with the city to formulate the detailed FY2010 La Jolla BID budget. By mid-November we arrived at a $130,000 budget proposal to allow the BID to continue its work. The PLJ Board approved the proposal in November.

Maryam Bakhsh’s e-blast to 1,500 BID members and others encouraged support and attendance at the Nov. 23 council meeting.

All along our entire community contributed to the process. Sherri Lightner and her staff spared no effort on our behalf. Joe LaCava, Jim Heaton, Darcy Ashley, the Town Council and a host of members and leaders of every community organization gave their advice and support.

The result of the combined work of our community and the City of San Diego was unanimous approval by the City Council of the proposed FY2010 budget. On Dec. 8 we will again appear in the Council Chambers to finalize the process. Please join us.

Under the FY2010 budget, Promote La Jolla will continue to meet publicly and to make recommendations based on BID member and community input. Everything will remain transparent. PLJ officers will also coordinate with the city so that the needs of our business community are met. Vendors will submit their new invoices to our office for direct payment by the city on the account of the La Jolla Business Improvement District.

On another note, the Nov. 5 Gallery and Wine walk was a dazzling event that was also a financial success. Kudos to everyone who continues to do our community proud by showing what friends and neighbors, working together, can accomplish. And please don’t miss the La Jolla Christmas Parade and Holiday Festival this Sunday.