Promote La Jolla executive resigns

Tiffany Sherer will leave her post as executive director of Promote La Jolla on Friday to take a job as chief executive officer for the San Diego Business Improvement District Council. The council oversees the 18 merchant associations throughout the city.

She announced her decision in an e-mail to the board of directors on April 14 that included an offer to assist with transition.

While saying she had mixed emotions, she wrote, “Our work at Promote La Jolla has been filled with great achievements. However, this is an important career advancement and a fantastic opportunity to continue my commitment to improving small businesses in the region.”

Sherer has headed the Village business improvement district for six years and played a role in developing the Gallery & Wine Walk and La Jolla Motor Car Classic.

Deborah Marengo, past president of PLJ, said she was sad to see her go but noted that “her talents won’t be wasted since she’ll still be working for our merchants” in her new role.

Rick Wildman, the current PLJ president, said of Sherer’s new job, “It looks to be a great opportunity for her.”

Shortly after the announcement last week, he said the officers would meet to discuss what to do until a replacement is hired. The matter will likely be on the May 13 board agenda, he added.