Prestige offers cruising with style

Franck and Sandrine Danglard have been fulfilling the dreams of exotic car buffs by putting them behind the wheels of Lamborghinis, Porsches, Ferraris and Maseratis.

They’ve also added yachts, chauffeur-driven cars and vacation homes to the mix.

The French entrepreneurs, who began San Diego Prestige exotic and luxury transportation rentals in Bird Rock four years ago, recently moved to 7736 Fay Ave., Suite 200 in the Village. The couple has expanded their high-end services to include a unique yacht timeshare program, as well as offering chauffer-driven car outings and vacation home rentals for clients.

San Diego Prestige offers intimate cruises with an experienced captain and crew aboard 560 Cruiser Express Yachts by the hour, day or week. Excursions can include wine tastings, sunset and brunch tours, whale watching and trips to Catalina Island.

“We act more as a middle person,” noted Franck Danglard about the $1.5 million yachts he rents. “We rent them as a timeshare program. People can buy a week in advance, or one day a week for two months, or by the hour.”

Yacht rental ranges from $1,250 for a half hour to $3,900 for eight hours. A day trip to Catalina costs $4,980. One week, with a captain, runs $15,000.

San Diego Prestige is partnering with local real estate firms, like Pacific Shore Platinum at 1442 Camino Del Mar, Suite 209, in Del Mar, to find suitable high-end homes in La Jolla, Del Mar or elsewhere in North County to rent out in the short or long term.

“House rentals we started about six months ago; homes that are more exotic and fun,” said Danglard.

Brett Combs of Pacific Shore Platinum said homes he finds for San Diego Prestige to rent are mostly second homes of property owners who are absent part of the year. “They have an opportunity to get some revenue from a vacation rental while they’re overseas or when they decide to leave during the peak months,” he noted. “Most of the homes we get through referrals.”

Combs has 15 to 20 homes in La Jolla that are presently being offered as rentals. The cost varies with the quality of the home and the length of time desired.

“Typically, it’s a week to three to six months,” he said. “The price starts at about $3,000 a week and goes up to about $30,000 a week, depending on the house.”

San Diego Prestige also offers chauffer-driven automobile tours, including one with a Rolls Royce. “We’re the only one doing it,” said Danglard. “If someone needs to be treated very special, they know they can call us and we’ll take care of it.”

Danglard said his exotic car rental business hasn’t been so hard hit by the recession because these high-end vehicles have huge price tags, are taxed heavily and require a great deal of up-front money to purchase in these tight credit times. “With this economy, people are more cautious,” he said. “They don’t want to put 60 grand down in cash on a car. People also don’t want to commit to making payments for 60 months.”

He said many of his clients rent an exotic car for a day to try it out and make sure it’s something they want to spend their money on.

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