President Clinton endorses La Jollan Scott Peters

Forty-second U.S. President Bill Clinton has endorsed the candidacy of fellow Democrat and La Jolla resident Scott Peters, in Peters’ bid for the 52nd Congressional District seat.

The endorsement came Oct. 23 during a “California’s Voice” rally at UC Irvine, where the former president endorsed several other Southern California Democratic congressional candidates.

During the rally, Clinton praised Peters, saying he “save him for last for a good reason.”

“I should be on the payroll of the City of San Diego,” Clinton said. “They are my exhibit A about why creative cooperation works better than constant conflict. San Diego has a Republican mayor who was chief of police when I was president. He worked with me to pass legislation to put a 100,000 police on the street. He used them (and) the crime rate went down in San Diego.

“When (Sanders) became mayor, he worked with Irwin Jacobs … a big Democrat, and with Craig Venter, who paid for the private effort to sequence the genome, and with the University of California at San Diego — and with people like Scott Peters, to try to create a creative cooperation environment, to make sure that San Diego led the world in human genome research.”

--Staff Reports