Preparing for retirement: aging in place with smart remodeling ideas for seniors


By Scott Murfey

As more and more baby boomers begin

preparing for retirement

, many are seeking an alternative to traditional assisted living facilities and senior homes. Some boomers may wish to live with their families, but fear the strain that close quarters can put on good relationships. Others may simply want to stay in their homes as long as possible. In either case, changes are often necessary in order to facilitate a safe and comfortable environment for seniors. However, a recent trend in the remodeling and interior design community known as “aging in place” deals with these challenges head on – lending greater autonomy to aging adults while preserving their ties to home.

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, the notion of “aging in place” began to take hold here in San Diego back in 2006. Today, it represents a move toward more holistic building projects that incorporate future-oriented planning through architecture and interior design alike. As for existing homes, they too can be remodeled for the sake of improved safety and accessibility. For example, wider doorways and roll-in showers can be designed to accommodate seniors with walkers or wheelchairs, while home expansion projects can increase overall living space for live-in family members or caretakers.

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Countless baby boomers retire every day; and as they begin to assess their health and lifestyle needs for the future, architects and designers are following suit. With an eye to helping seniors maintain a sense of freedom, as well as making it possible for them to stay in their homes and avoid the disruption that comes with moving into a smaller house or unfamiliar community, contractors and builders across the country are working on new “aging in place” innovations for the boomer generation.

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