Prepare for traffic on Torrey Pines Road on Monday

After halting work on Torrey Pines Road because of complaints about traffic jams, the contractor will once again be working there Monday and possibly Tuesday, the executive director of Promote La Jolla announced Thursday.

Crews working to replace circuitry for the 82-year-old streetlights will reduce Torrey Pines Road near Prospect to one lane beginning at 10 a.m. and will stop as soon as the work is complete or by 2 p.m., Tiffany Sherer wrote in an e-mail to the group’s members.

While the work is expected primarily to affect traffic through into the Village, outbound traffic feel the impacts as early as 9 a.m. so Sherer advises planning extra time to get out as well.

Work will be resumed Tuesday only if it isn’t finished on Monday.

“The City Traffic Engineers and the Contractor took this time to revise their plans to work with the community, get the word out and achieve the important work that needs to be done for the project,” she said.

Traffic engineers from the city will monitor the situation and traffic control is also planned to bypass the stoplights and keep traffic moving.

Alternate routes into the Village include taking I-5 southbound to the Balboa/Garnet exit into Pacific Beach. Turn right at Soledad Mountain Road. Stay on that until it hits La Jolla Scenic Drive South. Turn left and then right on Nautilus (at All Hallows Church). Follow it to La Jolla Boulevard. Turn right to get to the Village or left to Bird Rock.

Be aware: It could be busy during school hours.

Another route would be to take Garnet to Mission Boulevard and turn right. Make the jog to the left where Turquoise St. hits it. Then follow La Jolla Boulevard through Bird Rock.

Editor’s Note: Monday morning the light was out at the “Throat,” adding to the traffic and causing more problems. More information to come as information becomes available.