Prehistoric surfers ‘found’ under water line


This is my general understanding of when, where and how the Water Group 541 water main replacement project is hoping to proceed.

The main water supply line is being replaced on Silverado from Ivanhoe to Fay, and on Fay from Kline to Pearl. The old cast iron water main is about 85 years old.

Most of the Fay work is being done at night right now. Although there are underground maps, this is known as “exploratory excavation.”

The rich mezzo lo meinian soil of the fertile La Jolla Peninsula is yielding some startling finds to amazed scientists.

An unexpected treasure trove of locally significant anthropological discoveries is appearing as the trenching proceeds.

Field trips from three La Jolla-area elementary schools are having a positive impact on the work. In order to assist university researchers, local schoolchildren armed only with toothbrushes and teaspoons are flocking to dig up the hidden assets of La Jolla.

Intricately decorated surfboard remnants and swatches of brightly tie-dyed beach blankets woven by prehistoric inhabitants of the region are being delicately unearthed.

These and other useful and groovy objects were once exchanged along busy coastal trade routes by the Hodad, the Gufifoot, the Pumphaos and other legendary tribes.

Among smaller underground obstacles, the new main on Fay will pass very close by a 6-foot storm sewer line at an oblique angle.

The Silverado work will start at the top at Ivanhoe, moving fast to meet up with the line on Fay.

All of the temporary mains, the high lines, were, I think, connected as of Oct. 5.

The overall goal is to complete the underground work phase of this project before Thanksgiving.

At this phase, by Thanksgiving, the streets should be open with parking and traffic unimpeded, and there should be temporary pavement patching in place over the closed trenches so that we may shop, and parade, in peace and in civic good fellowship.

Final repaving and restriping would take place in early 2010.

Egon Kafka is a trustee of the La Jolla Town Council, a member of the combined LJTC/PLJ La Jolla Streetscape Committee and co-owner of La Jolla Village Lodge with beloved other half Maureen Murphy.