Pre-Holiday Beauty Roundup: Age Gracefully With Non-Surgical Laser Treatments in La Jolla

By Dr. Nasrin Mani, La Jolla Laser Clinic

The holidays are almost here, and another year has nearly come and gone. But your face doesn’t have to show it!

With the right beauty treatments, aging gracefully is easy – and no one has to know your secret. Here are my top picks for getting smooth, youthful skin with no down-time just in time for the holiday season.

Co2 Laser: ActiveFX and DeepFX

Skin resurfacing with non-surgical lasers is one of the best ways to turn back the hands of time this holiday season. Unlike first-generation laser treatments,

ActiveFX and DeepFX treatments

are gentle to the skin’s surface with the same level of efficacy. Both treatments are fractional lasers that utilize a technology called “Bridge Therapy”—that is, the use of tiny laser beams that penetrate deep within the skin’s surface, creating a dot-like pattern that is gentle to the skin yet highly effective at reversing the signs of aging.

ActiveFX and the more powerful DeepFX are effective at tackling sun damage, age spots, wrinkles, fine lines and vertical lip lines. Treatments also ideal for individuals who want to address sagging eyelids while tightening facial contours. Any scars are also faded, leading to increased clarity and tighter, more beautiful skin.

Down-time is minimal. If you schedule your appointment now, you could easily recover before the holiday season while looking completely natural yet rejuvenated.

Fraxel Thulium Laser

Fraxel laser treatments were the first non-invasive lasers designed to resurface skin. Today, the

Fraxel DUAL

laser system combines the Fraxel Restore Erbium and the Thulium wavelength laser for the most effective results.

Fraxel DUAL addresses texture and pigmentation issues with very little down-time. The Fraxel DUAL system effectively restores the skin to a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance by tightening collagen deep within the skin’s surface. Individuals who have unique concerns on areas outside the face – such as the décolleté and hands – can also effectively use Fraxel DUAL to reverse the signs of aging.

Fraxel DUAL is useful at removing sun damage such as melasma, freckles, age spots and other forms of uneven pigmentation. Because it helps restore collagen deep within the skin’s surface, Fraxel DUAL also addresses texture issues such as fine lines, wrinkles, rough skin and acne scars.

IPL laser

Using an intense yet non-invasive light, photofacials (IPL) work to combat the signs of aging with very little downtime. Tone, texture and clarity are improved within weeks, making this treatment one of my favorites during the holiday season. IPL lasers are especially recommended for individuals with vascular and benign pigmented lesions.

We use the

Lumenis One

photofacial system because of its efficacy in fading rosacea, broken capillaries, sun spots, acne scarring and rough, uneven skin. I often recommend photofacials when it comes to achieving overall smoothness and a quick recovery. Because several treatments are required to achieve results, I recommend setting up at least a few appointments before the holiday season is fully underway. With continued IPL treatments, you can have remarkably radiant skin by the New Year.

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