Power outage hits La Jolla businesses

About 15 businesses on Wall Street lost power and a seagull was knocked off a power line Friday morning after a transformer blew.

“Oh my God it was so tragic,” said Maura Walters, assistant to the director at the Athenaeum Music and Arts Library at 1008 Wall St.

Walters said she heard secondhand that a seagull had been perched on a telephone line in the alleyway next to the Athenaeum eating a fish when an electrical transformer nearby blew.

“We heard this huge explosion and we went out and saw the fish on the ground and the seagull was limping around and his poor feathers were all burnt and singed and you could smell the burning feathers,” she said. “It knocked out power to our business and others on the block for about an hour.”

Right after the freak incident, Walters said, “all (the bird’s) seagull friends and family were swooping around ... it was really sad.”

The injured bird left the scene. SDG&E said the incident knocking out power occurred about 10:20 a.m. and that power was restored by about noon.