‘Postmark La Jolla’ lecture series begins

It’s hard to believe that at one point in time La Jolla was as rural to San Diego as Julian is today and that letters along with postcards served to hasten the expansion of our fair city.

The La Jolla Historical Society kicked off its 2010 Fall Lecture Series, “Postmark La Jolla,” commemorating the 75th anniversary of the La Jolla Post Office Building. The lecture, a behind-the-scenes look at the displays on exhibit at Wisteria Cottage with society historian Carol Olten and archivist/curator Michael Mishler proved to be a huge success.

How else would one learn such interesting facts such as postcards in 1901 could only be written on the picture side of the card, and La Jolla was so resistant to becoming part of the San Diego postal system that La Jolla still maintains its unique “920" zip code prefix whereas the rest of San Diego is “921.”

— Ruth Chandler

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